Photo Tour

Photos of the Diagnostic Center, Central (DCC) California.

Street view.

View of DCC from W. Ashlan Avenue.

DCC sign and address.

View of the DCC sign from W. Ashlan Avenue.

Shrubs manicured to spell out D C C.

Shrubbery in front of the DCC entrance.

DCC sign and main entrance.

DCC entrance.

Bubbling water fountain displayed in front of a wall mirror.

Fountain inside the DCC entrance.

Desk and seating area.

Main lobby.

Couches, and toys for children (e.g., doll house, legos).

Family waiting area.

Room containing a desk and chairs, with a two-way mirror.

A diagnostic testing room.

Room with a desk, chairs, computer, and decorative photos on the walls.

Another diagnostic testing room.

Physical exam room.

Exam room.

Picnic tables in a tree shaded area.

Picnic area.

Circular quad area surround by trees, with three steps down to a firepit.

Outdoor quad area.

Stage, decorated with a paper boot and pine tree backdrop, in large room


Large open room with several sets of tables and chairs.

Conference room.

California Diagnostic Centers, large wall poster.

California Diagnostic Centers - wall display.