Request a Training

Follow the instructions below to request a training from the Diagnostic Center, Central California. Visit the Professional Development Overview page for more information.

To schedule a training:

  • Download and save the Request for Trainings Form(PDF) to your computer.
    • Depending on your browser and the configuration you have set in place, you may be asked, to save the file to your local disk (It's preferable to save to your Desktop or Downloads folder). If you are not asked to save to an external location and the file opens, immediately go to 'File,' then 'Save As' and save it to either your Desktop or Downloads folder.
  • Identify two potential training dates and include the start and end times.
  • Identify the contact person who will be responsible for coordinating the training.
  • Once the document has been completed with your requested trainings and required information, please save the document and send as an email attachment to:
  • Additionally, if you have special requests or specific questions, you can contact Melanie Johnson, Director, at or 559-243-4047.
  • You will then be contacted via email with a confirmation or request for further details.

Following confirmation of a training:

  • Darlene Morse, Office Technician, will develop and email you the contract/training agreement.
  • Complete and return the DCC training contract to Darlene Morse, Office Technician,
  • For trainings scheduled to be in person, secure the training site and arrange for room set-up.

A "Certificate of Completion" is available for dissemination to participants at the conclusion of each workshop. We strongly recommend that, as appropriate, the sponsoring agency ensures that parents, general and special education staff, administrators and community agencies (Mental Health, Regional Centers, etc.), are invited to attend workshops presented by Diagnostic Center staff.