To be eligible for Diagnostic Center services, a student must be enrolled in a special education program and: Students must be referred to the Diagnostic Center by their local educational agencies (school district or county office of education). The initial referral should include:
  1. A completed application packet specifying district/parent concerns, diagnostic questions to be addressed and district attempts at remediation
  2. The most current Individual Education Plan
  3. The results of the most current evaluation (reports older than 2.5 years will not be accepted)
  4. Release of information forms dated and signed by parent
  5. Authorization by LEA Director of Special Education (signature confirms district has exhausted local resources)
  • Click HERE to download the Referral Application.

    The records are screened by an admissions committee and an assessment plan is developed, if the referral is accepted. The local education agency and parents are contacted regarding the recommendations of the admissions committee and an assessment date is scheduled.