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Diagnostic Center Central Establishes
“Autism Forum of Central California”

The “Autism Forum of Central CA,” developed by Diagnostic Center Central’s staff, was designed to:

District administrators selected approximately 100 specialists (special education teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, administrators, etc.) to participate in the Autism Forum. The first meeting was held on Friday, October 12th.  Participants enthusiastically shared demographic information from their districts, and collaboratively established future priorities for Autism Forum meetings.  Top priorities for collaborative discussion and review in the future involve current research, methodologies, strategies, social skills development, transition, assessment and data collection. Presentations at the second cadre meeting held on Thursday, January 24th involved “Evaluating Research” (Dr. Susan Clare) and “Review of a Mega Study on Social Skills Training” (Bev Long). Participants also brainstormed ideas for an “Autism Forum” component to the Diagnostic Center Central’s website. Cadre members have been very enthusiastic about the Autism Forum and appreciative of the Diagnostic Center’s efforts to facilitate and support a network of educators committed to provide quality educational opportunities for all students, including those with autism.

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