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Assessment Services

The Diagnostic Center uses expert teams of assessment specialists. Each assessment is a carefully planned, dynamic process that is:

Adult assesssing a student

The diagnostic questions, coupled with the student's profile, guide the planning, implementation and location of the assessment.

Center Assessments

A Center Assessment is conducted at the Diagnostic Center and may involve a school site visit by one or more of the team members. The Diagnostic Center team is composed of an educational specialist, psychologist, physician, and speech and language specialist. Other specialists, such as assistive technology or transition specialists, are also available as appropriate. The Diagnostic Center team will conduct the assessment, prepare a report of their findings and recommendations and meet with the family and district personnel.

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Field-Based Assessments

An assessment conducted at the student's school is called a Field-Based Assessment. Local school personnel and the family are involved in the assessment planning and process. The Diagnostic Center team, which can be composed of any of the specialists mentioned above but is usually limited to two, meets with the family and district personnel at the conclusion of the assessment to share their findings and make recommendations. This is followed by a written report.