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Asperger Syndrome



If I’m So Smart, Why is School So Hard??

By the time a student with Asperger Syndrome graduates from high school, they have asked themselves this question time and time again.  They know they are intelligent and can learn, but so much of what they experience is frustrating, confusing and downright difficult.  “Why is school so hard?”

This set of videos was developed as a tool for general education teachers who have a student with Asperger Syndrome in their classrooms.  An understanding of the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome and strategies for intervention will assist both the teacher and the student. The information presented is specifically applicable to the elementary teacher, but much of the content would be appropriate for teachers of older learners as well.

There are 8 videos, and they were designed to be used in any way that an individual teacher desires.  It is recommended that the first video be watched first as it includes all of the introduction and basic information.  If you are going to watch all of the videos, it is suggested that you watch them in order.

We welcome your ideas!!  After viewing, please forward comments to Melanie Johnson, Director, at mjohnson@dcc-cde.ca.gov

Good luck!


Viewers may wish to download the presentation for each video session in advance of viewing by clicking on the red ‘PDF’ icon in the second column. Additionally, viewers can print out the provided handouts to the corresponding video and presentation for note-taking. To print out the handouts click on the red ‘PowerPoint’ icon in the third column. To access video training sessions:

1. Click on video of your choice. Be patient while it loads.
2. The video should play when buffering is complete
3. Double-click on video to activate fullscreen mode. (or right-click on video to select Zoom, then Full Screen.)
4. Use "Esc" button to cancel full screen.

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