The Diagnostic Center, Central California (DCC) is one of three regional diagnostic centers operated through the State Special Schools and Services Division of the California Department of Education. The other two centers are the Diagnostic Center, Southern California (DCS) located in Los Angeles, and the Diagnostic Center, Northern California (DCN) located in Fremont. These three centers provide assessment, instructional support, training, and technical assistance services to staff of Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) to assist their efforts in providing appropriate educational programs for students with special needs. The Centers were established nearly 50 years ago and throughout their history have been responsive to changes in the knowledge of children’s development and learning disabilities, as well as evidence-based practices and best practices in educational planning for children with special needs. Diagnostic Center Central opened in 1974, and this year marks our 40th anniversary! The staff of the DCC is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students, families, and educators. As such, the DCC offers highly specialized services in the following areas:

There is no cost for assessment services; however, requests for services must be generated by the local school district.

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